Sunday, March 15, 2015

For comments- list your top 3 REALISTIC coaches to replace Anthony Grant

I listed my top 5 in other posts, but interested in hearing yours.
Be realistic please or I will mock you.


bobbyjack said...

I'm going to add Dan and Bobby Hurley to my list. Both have shown they can quickly turn around programs (see Rhode Island and Buffalo). I will admit I've been fans of both for a while... and grew up not far away from both of them.

CTider said...

Gregg Marshall. Archie Miller. Ben Howland.

DJC said...

1. Larry Eustacy
2. Shaka Smart
3. Ben Howland

RichTide said...

1. Archie Miller. Dayton and Bama could do a straight up swap, Grant gets to coach his alma mater.
2. Gregg Marshall. Not #1 because he has a great gig in Wichita and can't believe he'll leave, even for crazy money. Although I've been told, never discount the ego of a D1 coach to climb the ladder.
3. Dana Altman

Bobby Hurley could likely be a really good major conf coach but could be another Grant.
With Indiana in the field, not sure how they fire Tom Crean.

CTider said...

Shaka ain't happening.

Msmilie said...

I have three tiers of guys. Established head coaches, up-and-coming head coaches who have already achieved some measure of proven success, and assistant/mid-major coaches who may be ready for the next move. If you'll bear with me.

1st Tier:

1. Ben Howland - Appears to be ready to return to coaching. 3 Final Fours at UCLA, 7 conference titles at UCLA, Pitt and Northern Arizona. Also won 4 conference tournaments between those three teams.

2. Gregg Marshall - Arguably one of the top 10 coaches in the game right now. Built Winthrop and Wichita State into power programs at their respective levels. Has taken Wichita State to a Final Four, only 1 loss a season ago, and an NIT title. A fiery guy who could rub some people the wrong way, but a proven guy who is championship level.

3. Scott Drew - Was not a fan of Drew for several years. I thought he was one of those "great recruiter/terrible coach" guys, but he's made a believer out of me the last few seasons. Hasn't been able to win a Big 12 title (to be fair, no one in that conference has been able to beat Kansas), but the Baylor program was a smoking ruin when he took it over. He has taken the program to 2 Elite Eights and a Sweet 16, and also won an NIT title. And, yes, he can recuit.

2nd Tier:

1. Archie Miller - He has done a great job in building Dayton into an annual power in the A-10 and presence in the NCAA tournament. Advanced to the Elite Eight last season, and made the tournament this season (They got hosed by the committee with their seed, but they will get to play at home in the opening round).

2. Shaka Smart - One of the hottest names in the coaching carousel every season. Coached the team to a Final Four run. Has really built on what Jeff Capel and Anthony Grant did at VCU before him. Oversaw the team's transition into the A-10 from the CAA. Only concern is that, outside of that miracle run tot he Final Four, his other teams have not advanced to the second weekend. However, he plays an uptempo style that would likely attract a lot of recruits, and maybe even keep the foundation left by Grant in place.

3. Richard Pitino - The last name serves him well, but he's also done a solid job as a head coach so far. Only a head coach for a total of three seasons so it's not a done deal that he's a home run. He did win an NIT title last season. Personally, I'd like to see how he does another 1-2 years at Minnesota.

3rd Tier:

1. Eric Musselman - I made a comment about him in a previous post. I think he's ready for a head coaching gig, and I think he'd be a phenomenal hire. He has coached at every level of the sport and is well-regarded by his peers.

2. Kermit Davis - This is a bit off the radar, but Davis has done a good job at Middle Tennessee. They are in the mix of Conference USA year in and year out. I think he could do a good job at a school with more resources. The biggest concern is he's only been able to take MTSU to one NCAA tournament in 12-13 years at the school. Definitely a gamble.

3. Steve Prohm/Michael White - Two mid-major guys who are going to be at the top of a lot of lists. Prohm is a UA graduate, which is going to make him a popular candidate among fans and the media. He has done a good job at Murray State, but we've seen this movie before. And with the SEC improving, is it the right move to bring in another young, but ultimately unproven guy? Do you as a fan feel that Prohm can outmaneuver Bruce Pearl year in and year out?
White plays an uptempo style, which people find exciting. But his teams also are pretty atrocious defensively when I've watched them, and for all of the excitement surrounding him, he has yet to coach an NCAA tournament game.

Other names being floated around: Rick Barnes (if Texas should fire him) and Rick Stansbury (I would absolutely hate this hire, but I'll be shocked if we don't hear his name connected to the job on some level).

Drifter said...


bobbyjack said...

Whoa whoa WHOA! You got Eustachy at the top too? I agree with CT that Shaka ain't happening as he's turned down better jobs.

bobbyjack said...

I like Dan more than Bobby right now as his resume is more impressive... but either I think would generate a lot of positive press here.

bobbyjack said...

Musselman and Prohm are the ones that intrigue me the most from your list.
I would be fine with Howland in name, but I think he'd be a terrible fit here.

needtoknow said...

Ala vs Illinois at T Town in NIT

CTider said...

Pettway should be the coach

finebammer said...

Avery Johnson. he's a winner. he'll win the presser. he'll win the parents. win the current players. he'll be seen as a coach with NBA connections.

he'll blow the conference opponents minds.

out of the box.

citadeltidefan said...

1. Ben Howland-He changed to a more up-tempo philosophy his last year at UCLA. He doesn't have the most exciting personality but the guy wins...3 Final Fours. Plus he can recruit blue-chippers. Having a guy who can say he has coached numerous current NBA-All Stars like Russell Westbrook and Kevin Love would blow Pearls cut throat shit out of the water on the recruiting trail. IMO we need to go ahead and seal the deal with him before other callers such as Georgia Tech and Depaul come running, sadly I doubt Battle will go after him because that damn SI article.

2. Archie Miller- Would be a small risk but I think he's proven a lot more than someone like Grant did when we hired him since he's made a deep run in the tourney before (Elite 8).

3. Richard Pitino- Would be a strong risk but his tenure at FIU and first year at Minnesota were impressive its only his performance this season that scares me a bit.

Drifter said...

Gregg Marshall
Tim Cluess
Richard Pitino

Drifter said...

Gregg Marshall
Archie Miller
Tim Cluess

2FromDCorner said...

Has anybody considered past Alabama basket great and NBA star T.R. Dunn who is an assist coach at the Houston Rockets right now. He has a long resume and has been an assist coach at Alabama. He left because of the mess that was going with Gottfield and went back to coaching in the NBA. I think Alabama needs more than anything to hire somebody who's been in or though the our system. Grants biggest issue to me was that he just don't seem to fit in. I think we need one of our own now.

Drifter said...

We need an accomplished head coach.