Wednesday, March 11, 2015

If at first you don't succeed, try, try, again- SECT vs Gators Thursday @ 1PM EST

Take 2 of our epic one sided rivalry with Billy the Kid and his Florida Gators. This game is for jockeying of NIT seeding for us so it's extremely important. Or not.

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This is the worst Gator team in over 20 years. They are 15-16 overall, but hold a road victory over us. Losing again to them is unacceptable. This Gator team lost to probably the worst Missouri team I've seen in the past 30 years BY DOUBLE DIGITS 2 weeks ago. Let that sink in.

There isn't a single Gator shooting 50% from the field. Frazier has shot the ball better in conference from beyond the arc than inside (slightly at 45.1/44.7).

Some #s
- -.6 rebound margin in conference
- -.4 PPG differential in conference
- .431/.318 FG/3pt FG in conference
- .625 FT in conference

Like I said... this team STANKS. How we lost to them  (I realize we kinda stank too) is mind-numbing.

Whoever wins this one will be slaughtered Friday as Kentucky does their best 1990-91 UNLV impression as they march on to March Madness undefeated. For the record I don't think they win it all... either Arizona or Duke will get them.

Might as well put this here... word on the street is Grant will be back next season due to our lame duck AD and President status. As others have said, the excuse will be injuries and we'll get a letter saying the team improved enough despite the injuries to get into the NIT. I've already said what I have to say about that. It's crap!


finebammer said...

"........word on the street is Grant will be back........"

don't know anything, just a hunch, but this smells like a trial balloon being floated to gauge reaction, guys. and not just reaction from the fan base.

why say anything if your intent is to keep Grant?? message to recruits?? i can't see how keeping him can help recruiting, he's gonna be labeled a lame duck to everyone he recruits by the opposition. (that's the stupidity of these 'one more year' deals. everybody knows it. and especially considering the situation with the players they have coming back, possible transfers and the like. it's killer)

blunt criticism?? if you gauge his popularity by fan support, they already know this is gonna be an extremely unpopular decision.

call me crazy for thinking Battle cares that much but why now? if Grant lays another egg Thursday, how does that make them look???

thinking out loud, this whole thing at this point seems incredibly stupid

Drifter said...

I don't know what to think anymore. The Powers That Be are either going to look like geniuses or imbeciles.

finebammer said...

nobody gonna look like a genius in this.

Tide Bballfan 1981 said...

all I can say is why? Why does no one that can do anything about the program refuses to look at the facts that AG can not get the job done. Sure I know there were injuries but what excuse will it be next year and the year after that. We all have heard the excuses year after year and I for one am tired of all the excuses. We need a big man is all I hear but we can not or will not recruit a big kid that has some type of offensive game. The last two that we had were Green and Mitchell and they were MG recruits. Even Tennessee Tech had better post player than we do, how is that possible? Jimmie Taylor has made progress but he would be a complementary player for most teams. We need a go to guy on the post and I don't see one. I also wonder what happened to the offence that average over 80 point per game in the early part of the season. I have been a fan for many years I know people that say Coleman is a bad venue but I do remember the days when Wimp was there you could not get a ticket and the place was rocking, but less face it Wimp had a personality. I am just so frustrated that no one seems to care that Alabama basketball is not what it used to be or what it should be.

Drifter said...

Giving credit where credit is due, I would like to say that Jimmie has been a pleasant surprise the last part of this season. I agree, he's not all-SEC by any means, but he has improved, and looks like a better player. If Grant did it, great.

bobbyjack said...

Grant is contracted through 2019 so recruiting shouldn't be affected much. 4 year window.
Unpopular or not, I think this rides more on the uncertainty at AD and President than on Grant's ability as a head coach.
Besides, we are more than likely going to the NIT so that is progress from last year and will be spun as such.

CTider said...

Our 13-19 season last year will actually end up helping Grant save his job. Grant 's luck just never runs out.

CTider said...

You have to give it to Anthony Grant. It's very hard to lose 10 straight times to the same team. I hope the NIT doesn't give us a bid. The last thing we need is Battle championing a trip to a meaningless consolation tournament as a reason to bring Grant back. Grant's definitely coming back anyway, but the last thing I want to hear is how much we improved by going to the NIT. Plus, this team definitely doesn't deserve to play postseason basketball. I can't wait for year 7 of this garbage.

Msmilie said...

Poor defense, poor rebounding, a back breaking charge call on Coop late that may have been the worst call I've ever seen. Game, blouses.

That call though. Murphy may as well have been laying on the floor he was moving backwards so badly. That could have potentially cut the deficit to 4 with three minutes remaining, and who knows? But Alabama didn't do the little things (get stops, rebound) to get the win. Not sure what it's going to take for Grant or anyone else at Bama to beat Donovan (he's now 23-5 all time against Bama), but I'm pretty sure a high priestess in Voodoo will be necessary.

The only positive down the stretch has been the play of Jimmie. The light seems to have gone on for him. Now if this team could find someone - anyone - who can consistently make jump shots.

That loss probably extinguishes any NIT hopes as well. Now we wait and see what happens regarding the coaching situation. Seems to be a done deal that Grant is back regardless of today's result, but I remain unconvinced.

Drifter said...

Cecil Hurt ‏@CecilHurt 4m4 minutes ago
Anthony Grant on his future at UA: "Haven't given it any thought. Hopefully we'll continue to play this year."

bobbyjack said...

Grant should have been fired in the locker room. Or given the Lane Kiffin treatment at USC... but he'll be back next year playing in front of gatherings that make UAB fb games seem like Death Valley at night.

CTider said...

If they cared, they would have fired him last year. They're just letting him play out his contract at this point.

citadeltidefan said...

I heard Wimp Sanderson on WJOX earlier today and unfortunately to no surprise he said that he knew that Grant would be back. The even more deeply disturbing information revealed was that Lance Taylor asked Wimp hypothetically if Tom Crean left Indiana or Brad Stevens left the Celtics and came to Bill Battle and said they wanted the Alabama job would a change be made. Wimp said that if that happened there was still no way Battle would fire Grant and hire either one! Not that it mattered but I was glad that Lance Taylor acted outraged and said that was 'pathetic' and that Battle truly didn't care about anything else but football. It was a least good to hear a member of the Birmingham media act outraged about Battle's incompetence and apathy showing care for the state of the program instead of the typical love fest given to Pearl or UAB.

DJC said...

Not sure NIT "hopes" are extinguished. Most had us as a 3-5 seed coming into this game.