Friday, March 13, 2015

If we are looking for a new HC- the top assistant route

My five:

1) Eric Musselman- MS mentioned him below... would be FANTASTIC due to his NBA ties and his coaching history. From all accounts he's doing the leg work at LSU right now.

2) Dwayne Stephens- yeah... I think he'd help us bring in big men that can rebound. He's also young and probably would run with the program (promote the heck of out it).

3) Bacari Alexander- Might be the most underrated one on this list. He's the one that brought in the talent to Michigan. Beilein is holding on to him as long as he can.

4) Bobby Lutz- yeah... I think Mark Gottfried would tell him to wait for a better job, but he'd be a fool not to come here if offered. His success with UNC-Charlotte and being the glue behind NC State's 4 year run at the NCAAT makes for a solid hire. Age is an issue so he's down the list.

5) Steve Robinson- Roy Williams' top recruiter. He'd bring the talent in for sure. Previous experience being the HC at FSU and Tulsa helps... even though that was a long time ago. My only gripe is his age which puts him 5th on my list.


Drifter said...

Fire Grant. Name Pettway interim, for as long as it takes to hire the right guy. Pettway can recruit the state very well, actually, better than Grant.

finebammer said...

well, Pearl has just beaten LSU to win his third SEC tournament game in a row while ‘Bama sits in tuscaloosa with grant.

pearl, in his first season, with a rag tag buch of misfits, when it counts, has completely out shone the Alabama athletic dept., Bill fukn Battle and anybody who at any point this season thought Anthony Grant could coach.

and for those of us who know better, well here’s a big fuck you from the Capstone.

cause they don’t give a shit what you think.

CTider said...

Bruce Pearl has three SECT wins in one year at Auburn. Grant has 4 in 6 years at Alabama. Jerrod Haase has UAB one win away from the NCAAT. Anthony Grant is sitting at home. UAB and Auburn don't have any talent, the reason they are where they are is coaching. Alabama has talent and the reason they aren't currently playing is coaching. For those who say that Grant is a good coach in a tough situation, Bruce Pearl has the worse roster in the SEC playing in the SECT semi finals. Alabama may not be the easiest job, but you can win here. If Pearl can get three SECT wins at the Barn in one year, than surely a good coach can get more than 4 in six years at Alabama. Grant isn't losing because of the job he holds. Grant is losing because he is terrible.

Drifter said...

@CecilHurt: Sounds like substantial 11th-hour pressure being brought to bear on Bill Battle re: UA basketball program.

CTider said...

Hopefully fans blow up his email tonight, but I still firmly expect to end up disappointed.

citadeltidefan said...

Lets do all we can to keep the program from falling into the abyss:

Msmilie said...

You have a poor grasp of language. An "incompetent" would be unable to put five guys on the court, much less put them in competitive situations. Grant needs to go, but he's far from "incompetent". What an incredibly stupid thing to say.

CTider said...

Inept, incompetent, terrible, who cares about the wording. He's not a good head basketball coach and the fan base is going to ridicule Battle if he keeps him and rightfully so. The fans are doing a good job right now of voicing their opinions and putting pressure on Battle to do his job.

citadeltidefan said...

Just saw were a guy on a Bama site posted this online petition. He's trying to get a few thousand signitures by the end of the weekend. Again worth a try: