Monday, March 09, 2015

If we make a coaching change these are my candidates- Current HCs

Let me state that I DO NOT THINK GRANT WILL BE FIRED AT THE END OF THE SEASON so this is purely an exercise in futility... but I'm going to do it anyways.

1) Gregg Marshall- The FIRST call. What he has done at Winthrop and Wichita State is impressive. Yeah, he has the mid- major stigma, but unlike all of the others I think he's a special coach that can win ANYWHERE.

2) Larry Eustachy- He doesn't party like he did at Iowa State so the argument of 'baggage' is dumb. His stops since there have also been impressive (Southern Miss and currently Colorado State). IMO he's at the top of the most realistic guys in my list we can bring in.

3) Steve Prohm- Resume isn't what the top 2 are, but he's probably the most energetic of the bunch. He's also a graduate of the University of Alabama (1997) so he'd certainly bring passion to the job. We have tried the Murray State route before with success so this wouldn't be a bad get.

4) Seth Greenberg- This one is sort of a reach, but his success at Virginia Tech and his penchant for promoting the program intrigues me. He's a face on ESPN that would translate to bringing in good players at least in the short term. His downside is he can't seem to keep a coaching staff intact very long.

5) Bruce Weber- Kansas St is notoriously cheap which is why Martin left (along with his disdain for the AD) so I think we can pull him if we wanted to. He's having a down season at KSU, but his previous 2 years were NCAATs (early exits though). He has the experience of 17yrs as a HC.

6) Ben Howland- I guess I'd take him and be moderately happy, but IMO he'd be a bad fit here. Not much of a promoter and not exactly outgoing. Upside is 2/3rd of his UCLA stint that produced three straight Final Fours. He wouldn't be much different than Anthony Grant though... slow down offense and tight defense.

Feel free to comment on how right I am.

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