Monday, March 09, 2015

SEC Tournament Predictions.


M$u over auburn
South Carolina over Mizzou

Florida over Bama
aTm over $tate
Vandy over Tennessee
Ole Miss over South Carolina

Kentucky over Florida
aTm over LSU
Vandy over Arkansas
Georgia over Ole Miss

Kentucky over aTm
Vandy over UGA

Kentucky in a surprisingly close one over Vandy.


citadeltidefan said...

I agree with everyone on your list except Seth Greenberg. I like his personality but he didn't do much at Virginia Tech (Which admittedly has been a difficult place to win for most). His record there was not much different than Anthony Grant's current record at UA. He also never made the NCAA tourney at South Florida in 7 seasons and never won more than 20 games there. I would also put Howland 2nd on the list. He said in an article in USA today recently that he ran up-tempo in his last season at UCLA and wanted to run it full time in his next job. Plus he's a fantastic recruiter, and the fact that he coached 2 current NBA All Stars would be a huge asset on the recruiting trail. Again, like you said I think this is all a pipe dream because going off of what some media members have hinted at recently plus most fan rumors, Grant will be back due to Battle and the administrations gross incompetency.

256Bradley said...

if Grant isn't let go its purely bcause da buyout. u can't justify the attendance, developing players, lack of coaching. its been 7 years he's yet 2 reel in a big fish recruit look at lsu incoming class n current roster. dis program needs a pulse n Grant is a dead goldfish

CTider said...

State over The Barn
USC lite over Mizzou

Bama over Florida
State over aTM (Upset, I feel like aTm is about to free fall)
Vandy over UT
Ole Miss over SC lite

Kentucky over Bama
LSU over State
Arkansas over Vandy
Ole Miss over Georgia

Kentucky over LSU
Ole Miss over Arkansas

Kentucky over Ole Miss

finebammer said...

forget Eustachy. MUCH better looking women at the Capstone! ;-)=====

CTider said...

I don't think Grant's going anywhere, but what about Tom Crean and Rick Barnes if they're fired from their current job?

bobbyjack said...

Crean has a $11 million buyout. Not happening unless IU wants to waive that.

Barnes is an interesting one though... can deal with being 2nd fiddle... has success. I'll keep that one in my back pocket.

bobbyjack said...

Barn over $tate
SC Lite over Mizzou

Bama over Gators
aTm over $tate
UTK over Vandy
Ole Miss over SC Lite

Kentucky over Bama
aTm over LSU
Hogs over UTK
UGA over Ole Miss

Kentucky over aTm
Hogs over Dawgs

Kentucky over Hogs

CTider said...

I think Barnes is a good coach whose just been at the same place for too long. I think he'd do well with a change of scenery.

Msmilie said...

For what it's worth (probably not much), Barnes was an assistant at Bama for one season in 85-86. UT folks want him out, and they will probably get their wish if Texas doesn't make the NCAA tournament. Barnes seems burned out. Not sure the best thing for him is to jump right back in. Probably needs to take a year or two off. If the Texas job opens up, take a lot of the big names (Gregg Marshall, Ben Howland, etc.) off the wish list.

Obviously this is a premature discussion, but should Alabama choose to make a move and they don't want to bring in a proven college head coach, one guy I hope they take a look at is Eric Musselman. He's currently an assistant at LSU, but the guy has coached a lot of places. He's been a head coach in the NBA, D-League, International basketball, and was crucial in landing recruits at his previous job at Arizona State (Jahii Carson for example), and has played a part in the recruiting success at LSU. Alabama fans want more offense, and Musselman has been credited by his peers as having a good offensive mind. He is also well thought of by former players who he coached and seems ready for a college head coaching job (he came back to the college ranks it seems specifically to land a head job at some point). There's no guarantee he would stick with Bama for a long haul because of his resume, but I'd take him over another mid-major coach who may or may not pan out.

citadeltidefan said...

Musselman's NBA background would definitely help him land some blue chippers on the recruiting trail. I agree about landing him over a mid-major guy. Let's just hope that all of our hunches about Grant being back are wrong

Msmilie said...

I think we're in for a fun tournament this weekend. Kentucky is the obvious favorite, but teams 2-11 aren't separated by much. As usual: I really suck at picking games so expect the complete opposite of these predictions.


Auburn over Mississippi State - State is probably the slightly better team, but I got a feeling Brucie picks up at least one win in Nashville. Having Antoine Mason back with the team helps a lot.

South Carolina over Missouri - Can't help but wonder if Mizzou players, fans and coaches aren't ready for Spring Break and a merciful end to what has been a rough season.


Alabama over Florida - Anthony Grant is due for a win over Donovan, right? Right? Anyone?

Texas A&M over Auburn - A&M must win to keep themselves on the bubble. With the word today that Danuel House is expected to miss the conference tournament, A&M could be ripe for an early upset.

Vanderbilt over Tennessee - Vandy is playing some of the best basketball in the conference right now. It will be interesting if the short break between the season and the tournament affects the rhythm they've had.

Ole Miss over South Carolina - Ole Miss has lost 3 of their last 4. If they lose this one, their NCAA Tournament status will be uncertain. Win and they're likely in.


Kentucky over Alabama - Can you hear the lambs, Clarice?

LSU over Texas A&M - LSU is a headcase team, and A&M did sweep them this season. But it's hard to beat a solid to good team three times in a season. Plus, the absence of House really hurts the Aggies.

Arkansas over Vanderbilt - Arkansas is a bad defensive team, which can be bad news against a team playing as well as Vandy is offensively right now. However, something to keep in mind about Vandy. As well as they are playing in winning 8 of their last 10, Vandy's wins have come against Florida (RPI: 75), South Carolina (97), Alabama twice (77), Missouri (212), Tennessee (105), Mississippi State (205), and, the best win, at Ole Miss (49). The two losses were against Tennessee and Florida. Not discounting their recent play, but they haven't won 8 of 10 against the better teams in the league.

Georgia over Ole Miss - This is a coin flip if it happens. Very similar teams from a talent standpoint. I'll give Georgia the slight edge, but they need Kenny Gaines back asap.

Kentucky over LSU - If LSU brings their A game, they can beat Kentucky.

Georgia over Arkansas - Again, depends on the status of Gaines.

Kentucky over Georgia - Close games the first two games these two teams played. Not this time. Kentucky wins big. They're beatable, but I'm not sure an SEC team can get it done.

Msmilie said...

Well, if Grant is retained I'll support the decision and just hope he can finally turn the corner. I really do think all of the transition going on inside the UA administration is going to affect any decisions made regarding the athletic department and its teams for the near future.

Rocky Mountain High Tide said...

I just don't care about basketball anymore this year. My only intrigue is actually pulling for UK to win it all and placing insane bets on Thurs/Fri games. I'll watch Bama loose to UF yet again and be even more disappointed the next day when the Battle Blog tells me how fortunate we are to have CAG as head coach and we'll get em next year!

I wonder what CAG is actually thinking? He's got to know that support among the hard core basketball fans is all gone and he's only getting saved because of the disaster that is our current administration at UA. As is usually the case there will be tons of job openings after the season so maybe he takes one? He won't be a candidate at any high profile school but I bet several mid-majors would hire him. As BobbyJack has said we need to look at Dayton. Hopefully somebody hires Miller and then we encourage CAG to apply for that position. Hell maybe we'll just switch coaches.

Drifter said...

I'll take Bama over UF (Yay), then an 'L' on Friday..

aiden Smith said...


CTider said...

I do wonder if Grant wants to go through another year of this, especially considering how bad we're setting up to be on paper. I think Grant's smart enough to know that if he were working for a competent administration he would have been fired a long time ago, but money talks.

finebammer said...

let's see, Donovan is an infinitely better coach, he beat Grant in his house, his team is healthier now and 'Bama's gonna win the game Thursday.


finebammer said...

"........ so maybe he takes one?"

dream on, bud. this is business. big money business. as it stands, Grant is owed a boatload of money, whether he works or not. he's not walking away without some kind of deal/payoff.

bottom line, Grant's gonna have to be fired.......and paid.

Drifter said...

Several people now saying Battle keeping Grant. Good grief.

CTider said...

Not surprising. Hearing mostly the same. Battle and the UA BOT love Grant because he keeps the program out of trouble and out of Saban's way. Even if we get smoked by the Gators on Thursday, I'm fully expecting Battle to come out with another one of his bullshit puff pieces. The decision makers in Tuscaloosa are cowards if what most of us are hearing is true. Stealing money from the University and fiddling while a major revenue program burns. Disgusting.

citadeltidefan said...

Heard from a family member who is close to a retired athletic department official today that Grant will be back as well. Going off of what he said all of the bad assumptions about Battle and the administration seem to be true. They are happy as pigs in shit with goody two shoes Grant in charge. According to this source they are going to use the injuries excuse. He also said that the general consensus among athletic department is that we couldn't get anyone better than Grant and they didn't want to take any risks. This is despite the fact that he also said that Battle never even put out feelers or even made a list of possible replacements all season. The level of incompetence and apathy shown by Battle and his cronies is absolutely despicable. This would absolutely not happen at any other SEC school. I don't care if I get stared down or thrown out I will boo Battle if he's ever recognized at any event. I was going to say that I would love to see the look on Battle's face next year when only a few hundred fans show up to a conference game but it doesn't matter...he won't care anyway. These good ole boy administrators have to go...however, I wouldn't be surprised if the next AD is also a former football player and we get stuck with Grant indefinitely. I do think Mal would have done the right thing and fired Grant at this point though.

CTider said...

We all better hope that Saban doesn't decide to leave or retire while Battle is still in charge or he'll screw the football program as well. You're damn right about this not happening at any other SEC school. Most SEC schools would have fired Grant last year, now we're looking at a 7th year with a man who has never won anything. I hope the next UA president fires both Battle and Grant. We need leaders not losers.