Thursday, April 02, 2015

Sizing up the remaining candidates

As we all know by now, Gregg Marshall said, "Thanks, but no thanks" to us so we need to move on. The fanbase that is MAD at him for doing so (BY GAWD WE'RE AL-A-BAMA!) need to get over it... he did what just about anyone else would do... sized up the offer, went back to his current employer who he is happy with, and got something closer to what we offered.

No particular order here:

Archie Miller- I assume he's the top target now. Lots of upside to this one, but my concern is his offensive set. It's not that much different than our previous HC.

Shaka Smart- hopefully he's still in the mix, but I suspect Texas is wooing him. Again, one great Final Four run, but the last few years... meh.

Larry Eustachy- the one DJC and I like. Check his record at USM and Colorado St. Then go back and look at his work at Iowa St. He's a proven winner. Downside is his age, but I'm not looking for a 20 year coach so he'll fit the bill for the next 10.

Steve Prohm- working the Murray St pipeline again... I think he'd do well here as he knows our basketball culture AND would promote the hell out of it as HC. Not much of a downside outside of the fact he'd be considered a b- hire by some of the fan base. I'm not one of them.

Richard Pitino- this is coming from daddy Pitino and his relationship with CM Netwon. This one scares me as he's done worse @ Minnesota than the guy he replaced (Tubby Smith). Heck, I'd make the call to Texas tech first and gauge Tubby's interest.

Bobby Hurley- even though I side with UNC in the rivalry I would be THRILLED if he fell into our lap. While he doesn't have the HC resume of the others, he's young, energetic, and comes from a coaching family. And... he's a NYer (actually Jersey City, but he won't admit that) like me.

Tom Cream- I would like him here, but it's probably a pipedream UNLESS Indiana waives his buyout. I work in Indianapolis from time to time and know the fan base there wants him gone (and so does the AD, but are tied to his salary for a while).

Feel free to comment on any others I've missed. I know some are sad about missing out on Marshall, but unless we really screw this up I think in the end we will be better 5 yrs down the road.


Drifter said...

Read RichTide's last post under coaching search. Read it and weep.

bobbyjack said...

I'm aware of it Drifter... and the only thing I can say is we have to do a better job of selling what we can be. This program CAN BE what Wisconsin, Oklahoma, Florida, Ohio St, Michigan, and others are. The money is here to make this a reality. The hurdle is getting some of the football only gumps out of the way.

needtoknow said...

I'll be the one CT can shoot down. First I don't think you can get Smart or Miller now. Go try but I think it's a waste . I would go for Prohm. I'm not saying he is great BUT I like his emotion and his Alabama ties. I saw him coaching in NIT and he was coaching kids hard. This would be a dream place for him.. Again the new coach should get all things we promised Marshall except the huge salary.

CTider said...

Scott Drew, Brad Underwood, Larry Krystowiak, Jim Larranaga.

CTider said...

Guys we don't want: Rick $tansbury, Steve Lavin, Richard Pitino

Drifter said...

well, at this point, I want a guy who's going to sell US on why he wants to be our coach.

Drifter said...

Msmilie said...

I like Shaka Smart. I think he's ready for a step up (though, to be fair, he's built VCU into a top 25-30 program so maybe he's already made the step up), but I think the Texas job is too big for him right now. If he is looking to make a move, I think Alabama would be a better fit for hr him. I think his havoc system would work well with the current players, it would be attractive to potential recruits, and, as a result, I think he would recruit the southeast region well. If Alabama hasn't called him, they need to.

needtoknow said...


Drifter said...

April 13 is signing day. We need to move.

finebammer said...

"When it wasn't quick enough, they leaked they were going to visit Bama."

exactly. i wonder what Forde's #FlyMarshall2Tuscaloosa column cost???

finebammer said...

sequence of events:

"Battle plan" leaked to Scarbinsky. big money. "swing for fences".

Marshall is ask about Alabama while still coaching in tourney. sez he will "entertain crazy offers"

('crazy' being the operative word. Marshall called Battle's offer crazy before he made it)

later, Pat Forde of Yahoo reports Marshall has told 'Bama don't "waste your time" with an offer.

Battle loads plane, flies to Wichita anyway, comes back without an answer or a coach.


Next thing we hear from Forde, now Marshall is flying down to look Tuscaloosa over.

within hours of Forde's column going to print, Marshall signs deal on April Fools night.

we're now racing towards the April signing period. it is imperative we have a coach by Monday morn. critical time has been wasted.

i report, you decide.


if Battle walks away from this debacle and hires a White, Prohm, Pastner or Pitino, a coaching project on the cheap, (2.5 mill or under) we've been had. Battle can walk away from this saying he tried his best to get the best coach available. the impending April signing period has forced his hand.

in fact, Battle pursued a coach that never intended to leave and told him so in so many words while Texas signs the coach that was ready to jump.

Battle was forced to fire a coach he wanted to keep. call it 'Battle's Revenge'. meanwhile, we're served up this steaming pile of shit by Scarbinsky. want to know who his leaker is?? it's pretty obvious:

"This may sound strange since he didn't get his man, but give Bill Battle credit. Plenty of it."

strange indeed. "plenty of it".

RichTide said...

That includes BB. My buddy who teaches at WSU (daughter goes to school with GM's kids) said basically BB offered nothing but wads of cash. No plan to transform the program. Talked about the NCs in multiple sports. Bama had a culture of champions. They wanted bball to be that next sport, but offered no real plan of how that was going to happen. Appeared as if the wad of cash was for GM to do the heavy lifting and figured it out. Maybe that's just teen bravado enjoying being the center of attention at school. Buddy says the son is a good kid. But he made it clear the family was never leaving. Only way they leave is if dad takes a Kansas, Duke or UNC job. They really didn't want BB to visit them, but the agent knew how to play the situation for a big raise.

RichTide said...

He was never getting on that plane, even for $10M

Alex said...

I'd be happy with Miller, Shaka(won't happen), or Prohm. I'd also be happy with Avery Johnson though I don't see why he would have any interest in the Bama job(still, the rumors are there).
I'd be upset if we hired Pitino.

Drifter said...

Rumors are thatour people think Miller is not a good fit.

finebammer said...

wouldn't doubt it. we're gonna wind up with a third tier project. hootie ingram couldn't have done this any better.

bobbyjack said...

I'll add this... I believe Wimp Sanderson should be an integral piece of our HC search he should be the one to speak to the prospective coaches and tell them about his experience here (minus the smacking CM's old lady and Hootie undermining him) and how ELECTRIC this place used to be with him on the court. Have him sell the dream of making the program his (the next HC). Keep Battle on the finance side of things (maybe).

If we use CM Newton for this coaching hire we are going to end up with baby Pitino which would make me think hard about ending this blog. There aren't many candidates out there that would be worse than keeping Grant... he is one of them.

CTider said...

Finally some good coaching news.

256Bradley said...

so Kansas is coming to Tuscaloosa this year4 bball. that should b fun 2 watch