Sunday, April 05, 2015

Top candidates for the job- Avery Johnson and Steve Prohm

Reading some reports... both have been interviewed. I suspect we'll have an answer by Tuesday. It looks like Avery Johnson is the front-runner, but that is just speculation.

I'll be honest... I lean towards Prohm as he has college experience and ties to the school.Also, he's finished 1st in his division in each of his 4 years at Murray State.

Avery is more of a splash name hire that I think they'll go with since other schools have brought in big names over the past 2 years.

Below are wikipedia links:

Avery Johnson
Steve Prohm

In other rumors, there seems to be info going around that a certain ex-coach reached out to Gregg Marshall and gave an unflattering review of the program. If this is true, this ex-coach will become one of my most hated... he was allowed to leave somewhat gracefully AND with a wad of cash when he could've been sent away penniless.

Unrelated- the coaching search has generated A LOT of traffic here. Might need more gerbils to power the innernets for this page (g). Seriously, thanks for all the views... hope you stick around after the search is over.

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