Wednesday, August 19, 2015

So long, Kobie Eubanks. 4 Star Guard Will Not Enroll

Kobie, we hardly knew ye. With all of the good news surrounding the program recently, you had to wonder when that good ol' Alabama basketball bad luck would reappear. After committing to play at Alabama in July, it was announced today that Kobie Eubanks will not enroll at Alabama after failing to be cleared by the NCAA. Eubanks was denied entry to Baylor University prior to last season after also failing to clear the NCAA. The fact that classes started this week at UA and there was no indication that Eubanks was on campus was an early sign. 

The future is bright at Alabama, but the loss of Eubanks makes what was already looking like a tough first season under Avery Johnson even tougher. Eubanks would have brought a scoring punch and a physical presence to the 2-guard position, an area that Alabama is severely lacking in for 15-16. The chances of him cracking the starting line-up were high. For those of us hoping that this team may find a way to punch a postseason ticket of some kind despite its shortcomings, today's news regarding Eubanks tempers that optimism quite a bit.

On the positive side of things, this clears the way for a guy like Brandon Austin to get major minutes as a freshman. Other possibilities at the 2 include Retin Obasohan (not your typical 2-guard) and Arthur Edwards (not previously known for his scoring) or you may see the coaching staff go with two point guards in Dazon Ingram and Justin Coleman.

Tune in to the SEC Network at 6 PM CT as the conference schedule will be announced. DJC or I will follow up with a post regarding the schedule later tonight. 

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