Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Students moving closer to the floor

Seating Changes coming to Coleman

Basically, the students will now have the seats below the portals across from the visitor's bench in sections R and S, and the TV cameras will be moved to section D on the same side as the benches, which will require the floor to be repainted so that the "A" is not upside-down on television.

Long time readers of the blog know that I have been an advocate for moving students closer to the floor for many years.  Coach Gottfried unsuccessfully tried to get this done in his first or second season.  I think this is a great move that should tremendously improve the atmosphere and give us more of a home-court advantage.  So far, Coach Johnson has done everything I hoped he would do, and more.

For selfish reasons, I like moving the cameras too.  With them now at my back, that should mean less face time for me, decreasing the odds that I will be broadcast doing or saying something inappropriate. It will also be nice to have the floor oriented toward my side. With the new student section being more prominently in the shot, it will give an appearance of a more enthusiastic crowd to the television viewers.  The only negative, is now the TV viewers will not be able to see the coaches or the scorer's table to monitor upcoming substitutions, etc.  Since I attend most if not all home games, this isn't a huge deal to me, but I can see why some may not like it.

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