Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Bama Basketball Inviting Students to try out for the team

Alabama basketball to hold open tryouts for students

There's really nothing to lose by doing this.  Worst case scenario is you don't find anybody worth taking, but it's a fun way to market to students who have an interest in the game.  Best case scenario is we add someone to the team that can actually help us this year.

My freshman year at UA was David Hobbs' last year, the 1997-98 season.  I remember playing pick up games at the rec center with Chauncey Jones, MC Mazique, Doc Martin and Demetrius Alexander.  While they were usually pretty dominant as you might expect; there were times that they were not clearly the best players on the court.  I believe there were some rec center baller types that could have helped that team.  There were also frequent pickup games involving a lot of the football players late at night in Foster Auditorium.  I know some of the people involved in those could have been useful.  There are some good basketball players out there who, for various reasons, haven't played much organized ball.

Gottfried also had open tryouts his first year, but I cannot recall if anybody made the team.

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