Thursday, October 01, 2015

Season Schedule posted and predictions

Here are my season predictions game by game... note I've been pretty accurate calling a season :)

11/06/15 vs. Trevecca Nazarene # 7:00PM- W
11/13/15 vs. Kennesaw State 7:30PM- W
11/17/15 at Dayton 12:00PM- UPSET W
11/20/15 vs. LA-Lafayette 7:00PM- W

2015 AdvoCare Invitational (ORLANDO)
11/26/15 vs. Xavier TV 11:00AM- L
11/27/15 vs. Wichita State/USC- W since it should be USC
11/29/15 TBD- W even though it could be any of 4 teams

12/04/15 at Southern Miss TV 7:00PM- W
12/13/15 at Clemson TV 5:00PM- L
12/16/15 vs. Winthrop TV 8:00PM- W

Legacy Arena (Birmingham, Ala.)
12/21/15 vs. Oregon TV 8:00PM- W in front of a almost sold out crowd

12/29/15 vs. Jax State 7:00PM- W
01/02/16 vs. Norfolk State 1:00PM- W
01/07/16 at Ole Miss 8:00PM- L
01/09/16 vs. Kentucky 5:00PM- L although we get them early and could win
01/13/16 vs. South Carolina 8:00PM- W
01/16/16 at Vanderbilt 5:00PM- L 'cause we rarely win there
01/19/16 at Auburn 8:00PM- L
01/23/16 vs. LSU 1:00PM- W
01/26/16 vs. Tennessee 8:00PM- W
01/30/16 at South Carolina 8:00PM- L
02/02/16 at Miss State 8:00PM- L
02/06/16 vs. Missouri 2:00PM- W
02/10/16 vs. Texas A&M 6:00PM- W
02/13/16 at Florida 4:30PM- W because they got a horrible coach
02/17/16 at LSU 8:00PM- L
02/20/16 vs. Miss State 1:30PM- W
02/23/16 at Kentucky 6:00PM- L
02/27/16 vs. Auburn 4:00PM- W
03/02/16 vs. Arkansas 8:00PM- L
03/05/16 at Georgia 1/3PM- L

I have us at 18-12 (if my 7yrs of HS math is correct)... not good enough for the NCAAs, but another NIT trip is reachable.

Adding the SECT, I say 1-1 so that puts us at 19-13.

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