Monday, November 30, 2015

Around the SEC- ending 11/30/2015

I will occasionally post some updates on what the rest of the SEC is doing this season. Before I do that, I'm going to go on a mini-rant about the Advocare Invitational.

As many of you know, both DJC and I attended this tournament in Orlando. DJC stayed for all of it while I attended the first 2 games. Our fan attendance was pitiful with maybe 75 fans at the peak on Friday. Meanwhile, a viewing party for the Bama-Barn game (I refuse to call it the I-Bowl) drew over a thousand people in Orlando. You would think some of them would support the basketball team on at least one of those 3 days. While we had a pretty loud gathering of fans in the Bama section, 3/4th of it was occupied by either Wichita State or Xavier fans. Unacceptable to me being this is Avery Johnson's first year and we're supposed to be optimistic. Listen, I don't expect Alabama fans to travel for hoops, especially during the holidays, but the local fans in Orlando could have made an effort to catch a game in Kissimmee. I bet those same (front runner) fans will pack the Citrus Bowl for the Louisville football game in 2017.

Sorry... with all the work Avery Johnson and the team have put in so far this season I really expected more than 78 fans in attendance for the tournament.

Now that is over with... I present the SEC in review: Standings
SEC                             W-L PCT STRK
Kentucky                      6-0 1.000 W6
South Carolina             6-0 1.000 W6
Texas A&M                 6-1 .857 L1
Florida                          5-1 .833 W2
Vanderbilt                    5-1 .833 L1
Auburn                         3-1 .750 W2
Ole Miss                       5-2 .714 W2
Alabama                       4-2 .667 W2
LSU                              3-2 .600 L2
Tennessee                     4-3 .571 L2
Miss State                     3-3 .500 W2
Georgia                         2-2 .500 L1
Arkansas                       2-3 .400 L2
Missouri                        2-3 .400 L3

As you can see, only Kentucky and SC Lite have escaped November unscathed. SC Lite should remain undefeated all the way up to their matchup with my old favorite team the St John's Redmen... uh Storm on 12/22. Kentucky has @ UCLA this week and matchups vs Ohio State and Louisville later on next month.

aTm has a nice win over Gonzaga followed by a close loss to surprising Syracuse.

Gators haven't beaten anybody with their lone loss to Purdue. They get tested again in the next 2 weeks @ Miami and @ Michigan State.

Vanderbilt has been a surprise so far, almost winning the Maui Invitational. They crushed St John's and Wake Forest only to lose to Kansas by 7. They have a interesting stretch the next 2 weeks @ Baylor and vs Dayton.

Auburn... they beat UAB and are 8th nationally in scoring. 2 road games vs directional schools coming up though.

Ole Miss lost 2 in Charleston... and probably will lose another 13 or so the rest of the way.

LSU is yet again misfiring... with 2 of their next 3 on the road they could easily be staring at 4 losses by New Years. BTW- they go to Houston to matchup against Devonta Pollard.

Tennessee... 3 losses already... with probably 2 more coming up @ Butler and home to Gonzaga in the next 3 weeks. Gonna be a long year in Knoxville.

Mississippi State will take their lumps as Howland was left a roster of GARBAGE. I'll be shocked if they finish with more than 13 wins. That loss to Southern is telling.

UGA... they are mourning/celebrating the firing of Mark Richt so non of their fans care what Mark Fox does going forward this season. From what I've seen of them they could challenge Missouri for the worst in the conference.

Arkansas looks to have serious problems this year. Puzzling losses to Akron and Georgia Tech as well as the coaching blunder that cost them the Stanford game doesn't bode well for their season.

Missouri is still feeling the effects of the Frank Haith experience.

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