Thursday, December 17, 2015

Current RPI and around the SEC

I'm superstitious so I'm going to stay away from previews going forward. Besides, MS has done a better job of it than I have the last 2 years :)

We are #23 according to this. Assuming we only lose 1 more before conference play all of a sudden we have loftier goals ahead of us. Heck, I'll go ahead and predict a W Monday night (I will be in attendance thanks to DJC) and say we win out the OoC schedule (10-2).
Unless my eyesight is bad, only UF and UK are higher up the list than us... with SC lite rounding out the SEC in the top 50 RPI.

Around the SEC:
- SC Lite is still undefeated... winning every game by double digits. They go to Clemson tomorrow (12/18)
- Kentucky has tOSU coming up... still just the loss @ UCLA. I don't think they're as good as their ranking.
- Ole Miss has won 5 in a row against marginal opponents. Play @ Memphis to prove this winning streak is real or expose them like George Mason and Seton Hall have so far.
- aTm will probably get trucked by Baylor... putting them at 3 losses.
- Auburn is probably going to get assaulted by Xavier in the manner we were in Orlando. The real check is their home game against New Mexico 3 days later. Despite the roster chaos, Auburn looks to be better than last year.
- Gators have a chance to beat a good team in Okie State as they have gone 0-3 against ranked opponents so far. I'm not sold on their coach though.
- Vandy has lost 3 of their last 4 but all are quality losses. They have Purdue on Monday. Yes, I'm glossing over Wofford tomorrow.
- UGA gets the ACC in their next 2 games with GA Tech and Clemson (is Clemson playing in the SEC this year?)
- LSU with 4 losses already is the big disappointment so far. Too much talent to be struggling, but factor in Johnny Jones and you know why.
- Missouri is just AUful. Not even worth my time to discuss them.
- Arkansas has won their last 2... make that 4 before a showdown with Dayton 12/30. They look to be gelling a bit.
- Tennessee is also not very good. They probably have a beatdown vs Gonzaga in their near future.
- Miss St... Ben Howland is biding his time in Starkville, hoping for a breakout year in the next 2 or 3 so he can move his talents elsewhere. Craig Sword has been there since I attended Alabama in the 90s FWIW.

Overall, with the lack of power in the SEC and how well we have played so far away from home I'm THIS CLOSE to thinking we are a NCAAT team. Early predictions have us as a 8 seed, but let's not put the cart before the horse.

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