Saturday, January 23, 2016

Bayou Bengals Better Bama By a Bucket

Alabama played well enough in spurts to beat LSU, but they had no answer for freshman phenom Simmons and continued to struggle at the free throw line. Hot shooting gave the Tide an early lead that turned into an eight point deficit. Coach Avery played a press the final three minutes of the first half that created a modest margin going into the locker room. The teams swapped leading position in the second half. LSU implemented a zone after Victor went to the bench with four fouls. Bama never seemed to learn to pass the ball around the zone, instead employing it's frustrating "dribble in place for 15 seconds" offense of yesteryear. Bama still had a chance to win the game, calling time out with 17 seconds on the clock. Rather than pass the ball around the zone for an open three, they tried to drive to the basket and earned only a blocked shot.  It was a good effort with a disappointing result.

I would estimate the crowd to have been at least 13,000. Maybe someday our fans will learn how to play a bigger part in the game. I counted no more than 30 empty seats in the student section. As a 40 plus year fan of the program, that warmed my heart. 

Better days lie ahead. Perhaps not this season, but not that far off.  Keep the faith. Buckle Up! Roll Tide!

DJC should be along with a truly informative report on the game soon, so please check back often.

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