Sunday, February 21, 2016

Bama Bows to Bulldongs in their own Building

DJC already has summarized the game.  I wanted to watch a couple of calls on my recording before commenting from my seat in Coleman Coliseum.

First and foremost, M$U deserved to win this game. They played better and their defense seemed to keep the Tide's shooters off their timing which caused plent of missed shots that had been falling in the last few games.

My perspective was that the officials were helping us for the first 25 minutes.  I thought the third foul called on M$U's Ware was a bad one.  He must have cussed, because the official gave him a technical foul almost immediately after the personal foul.  I thought Taylor's second personal foul, which followed promptly after the two on Ware, was a makeup call by a vey inconsistent officiating group.  I don't really fault the official for Teeing up Coach Avery Johnson when he complained about the last call.  The Bama bench had been warned earlier in the game, but Coach Avery did the right thing by defending his player.  Taylor has made great strides since early in the season when he seemed to get two fouls early in every game for setting moving screens.  I almost wish Coach Avery had slammed his suit coat to the floor ala Wimp Sanderson, but he would have been ejected at that point.  Besides, Johnson's style sense is much better than Wimp's and only us old guys really would have appreciated it.

Again, M$U deserved to win the game.  They played with poise and did not get rattled in a hostile environment.  I do have a question about the foul called on Riley Norris when he took the charge from Witherspoon in the first half. I thought he had set a clean pick, but watching my recording of the game his heels clearly were on the arc around the basket. I thought that meant no charge would be called but that no foul should be whistled agains the defender either.  What is the correct call there.

The Good:  Coleman Coliseum appeared to have between twelve and thirteen thousand people inside it for this game, and the crowd finally took a proactive approach to fan participation.  Our fans need to learn to make noise to support their team BEFORE they do something good.  This was a good first step back in the right direction.

The Bad: Our shooters let the M$U defense impact their shooting motions even when they had open shots and we continue to perform poorly at the free throw line.  If we'd just hit our foul shots we would have won this game.

The Ugly:  We allowed our most heated rival to possibly knock us out of contention for the NCAA Tournament.  I doubt many, if any, of us expected to make the Big Dance this season; but we had gotten so close we were almost beginning to expect an invitation.  This loss will hurt, but if anybody can help the team bounce back it is Coach Avery.

Roll Tide and Buclke Up!

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