Monday, February 22, 2016

BAMA Bubble Watch, RPI: 48

Jerry Palm's new bracket is out, and he still has us in as a 9 seed in the East Regional, playing Pitt in Brooklyn.  That would be great for me, as I have an office in NYC and could go to the games without missing much work.  Palm did move us back to his bubble watch in the "in for now" category.

Joe Lunardi, somewhat surprisingly to me based on his history this season, also still has us in his bracket, albeit in the play-in game against Butler for the 12 seed in the East.  In his scenario, the winner would go to Denver to play Purdue in the East Regional.

Bottom line is that despite the significant hit to our RPI, the loss did not hurt us much in the eyes of the experts.  We still have a strong resume.

Let's see what happened yesterday:

Good News:

Maryland 86
Michigan 82

Wichita State 84
Indiana State 51

Bad News:

Lehigh 73
Lafayette 61

George Washington 90
La Salle 50

Monmouth 82
St. Peters 75

Valpo 90
Detroit 74

Tulsa 75
UCF 67

Temple 69
Houston 66

Wisconsin 69
Illinois 60

Tonight's Friends:

ROLL SPARTANS!  Norfolk State needs to beat Coppin State

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