Sunday, February 21, 2016

Bama Bubble Watch, RPI 50

Unfortunately, we've added a second bad loss to our resume, the dreaded 100+ RPI loss at home.  This probably negates the LSU win.  A lot happened over the weekend, and most of it wasn't good for us.  Let's recap:

Good News:

Villanova 77
Butler 67

Xavier 88
Georgetown 70

Oregon 91
Oregon St. 81

South Carolina 73
Florida 69

Wintrop 81
UNC Asheville 80

Davidson 99
St. Joe's 93

Virginia Tech 83
Florida State 73

UNC Greensboro 79
Chattanooga 64

Bad News:

Mississippi State 67
Alabama 61

Texas A&M 79
Kentucky 77

St. Bonaventure 79
Dayton 72

Georgia Tech 63
Notre Dame 62

NC State 77
Clemson 74

Southern Miss 53

Delaware State 67
Norfolk State 64

Ole Miss 69
auburn 59

Texas State 61
Louisiana Lafayette 57

Tennessee 81
LSU 65

Kennesaw State 73

Texas Tech 71
Oklahoma State 61

Today's Friends:

ROLL PEACOCKS!  St. Peters currently leads Monmouth by 5 in the second half.

ROLL KNIGHTS!  UCF trails Tulsa by 13 early in the second half.

ROLL TITANS!  Things aren't looking good for Detroit-Mercy as they are 11 behind Valpo late in the first half.

ROLL SHOCKERS!  Let's hope Wichita State can stick it to the Sycamores of Indiana State

ROLL COUGARS!  Maybe Devonta Pollard can help out his old teammates with a big game against Temple

ROLL ILLINI!  Always pull for Illinois against Cheeseheads from Wisconsin.

ROLL TERRAPINS!  Maryland helped us out by hanging on beat Michigan.

ROLL RED STORM!  Unfortunately, Bobbyjack's boys from St. John's let us down, going down 62-61 to Seton Hall.

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