Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Sleeping with the Enemy, LSU Tigers

I reached out to Dylan Akers at And The Valley Shook to get his thoughts on the LSU team and our upcoming game.  He was kind enough to send along the response below.  If you visit And The Valley Shook, please follow their rules and be a positive representative of the University of Alabama.

So this team lives and dies with Craig Victor on the floor. When he’s in foul 
trouble, the half-court offense dies, and the defensive swagger and effort 
dissipates. The Tigers are excellent in transition, where Simmons can make plays 
both scoring and distributing the ball, but struggles when put into a must score 
situation in the half-court. The talent is at a top 25 level but, the execution 
and coaching haven’t been near at that level. As for the match-up with Bama, I 
just don’t see how the Tide can score at a level that can keep up with LSU. 
Maybe if Victor picks up early fouls (which he’s prone to) and you guys can take 
care of the ball, then it’ll come down to late game execution which would tip 
the game in the Tides favor. Coach Johnson has done a wonderful job with this 
group though, obviously, and the Tide could be a real force in the SEC once he 
gets a couple recruiting cycles under his belt. They probably have a better 5 
year projection than the Tigers, all things considered (Johnny Jones is the 
worst in-game coach in the conference, and David Patrick doesn’t have any more 
Australian basketball prodigy godson’s to bring to Baton Rouge.) 

It sounds like Coach Jones' underachieving relative to his recruiting classes is starting to wear thin on the Bayou.  We'll need another big game from Jimmie Taylor, contain Simmons and Quarterman, get Victor into foul trouble, and limit turnovers.  Easier said than done.

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