Wednesday, March 02, 2016

Bama Bubble Watch, RPI 57

Note:  The 57 RPI is based on CBS's projections, as the NCAA has not updated their site yet today.  Let's take a look at what happened last night.

Good News: 

Louisville 56
Georgia Tech 53

Kentucky 88
Florida 79

Dayton 85
Richmond 84

LSU 80
Mizzou 71

Bad News:

Virginia 64
Clemson 57

Texas A&M 81
auburn 63

Vandy 86
Tennessee 69

Kennesaw State 64

George Washington 74
George Mason 52

Akron 91
Ohio 76

Arkansas State 80

San Diego State 83
New Mexico 56

St. Mary's 73
Grand Canyon 64

Tonight's Friends:

ROLL TIDE!  Beat Arkansas!

ROLL IRISH!  Notre Dame over Miami

ROLL DUCKS!  Oregon over UCLA

ROLL MOUNTAINEERS!  West Virginia over Texas Tech

ROLL HAWKS!  St. Joe over St. Bonnie

ROLL BULLDOGS!  $tate over Ole Miss in the Hoops Egg bowl.

ROLL WILDCATS!  Maybe Davidson can summon the spirit of Steph Curry against VCU.

ROLL HOKIES!  Va. Tech needs to beat Pitt

ROLL BLUE JAYS!  Pull for Creighton against Providence.

ROLL GOPHERS!  Minnesota could deliver a death blow to those Wisconsin cheese-heads.

ROLL TROJANS!  USC over Oregon State

ROLL COUGARS!  Washington State needs to take the Hoops Apple Cup from Washington.

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