Thursday, March 24, 2016

Grading the SEC Coaches- Part 1

Agree or disagree I AM RIGHT!

Johnny Jones: F-
If he simply rolled the ball on the court LSU could have been better. It did look like some of the chemistry issues that plagued them before conference play were worked out, but in the end that team was a hot mess. The talent they have should have won the SEC by a couple games. I dare say it was one of the worst coaching performances in recent SEC memory.

Bruce Pearl: D
The talent was there, but the attitudes sank the ship. Pearl seemed to waver on discipline/letting things go too long with some of the malcontents on his team. They should have been closer to a .500 team instead of 13th in the conference. I think Pearl is hoping next season is better so he can bolt the Barn because I don't think ANYONE can win there.

Kim Anderson: C-
Anderson is in year 2 of a train wreck left by former coach (and serial cheater) Frank Haith so I temper my critique of him based on the emptiness of the squad and the sanctions. Despite the obvious talent gap, Mizzou was somewhat competitive in most of their SEC games. It is a shame how quickly Mizzou basketball has fallen.

Mike Anderson: C-
I'm really surprised Arkansas isn't among the elite by now. I thought they turned the corner last season, but this one was a car crash. Defensively they were a JOKE. Again, a team that should have been better than their .500 mark.

Andy Kennedy: C
The best thing I can say about his job this year is he didn't lose many he wasn't supposed to. Outside of George Mason they did what we pretty much expected them to do. Truth be told Kennedy is the best Ole Miss can ever do. An occasional SEC and NCAAT run coupled by a few NITs and some missed postseason.

Billy Kennedy: A
Won the SEC regular season. Check. Played in the SECT finals. Check. Even though the team was predicted to be a top tier one (I normally dismiss SEC prediction because the folks that put it out are generally clueless) not only did they achieve that, but also exceeded expectations. Credit BK and his top assistant... our pal Rick Stansbury for the success of the Aggies. They rebounded from a 4 game losing streak with a 6 game one to end the regular season.

Avery Johnson: B-
He has done a lot of work so far in garnering interest from the students. He's been a tireless promoter. We beat 4 ranked teams (I think the previous coach beat one in his 6 season here). Up until the home game vs Mississippi State we were a NCAAT team. If I graded him up to the Mississippi State game he would have gotten an A, but after that game we fell apart losing 4 of our last 5 and barely beat the Barn for that lone win. Can't give an A for making the NIT. Getting trounced in the NIT took a notch off the B. Overall I am happy where the program is heading and I expect REALLY GOOD THINGS starting in the 17-18 season. I'm going to temper my expectations for next year.

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