Tuesday, March 01, 2016

Terrance Ferguson has de-committed.

Scout reports that he is "very much still interested," but this is a huge blow.  Kansas and Baylor have both showed interest, and obviously Kansas has a lot of advantages that we simply can't offer.  Baylor has geographical, and possibly other advantages as well.

When he did not sign in the early signing period, it was rumored that he wanted to see our product on the floor before signing.  Early in the season, you will recall we attempted to run a much more up-tempo system.  After being blown out in Dayton; I think Coach Johnson quickly realized he didn't have the horses needed to run his system, and not wanting to badly lose 20+ games, he made some adjustments.  Obviously, it worked, as we are still discussing the NCAA tournament as a realistic possibility in March.  However, according to Ken Pom, we currently rank 315th in possession per 40 minutes.  The faster style of play was a major selling point, and I wonder if this de-commitment is a result of him seeing our more methodical grind-it-out style in person on his visit over the weekend.

Speaking of his weekend visit, this is all the more reason to dump the stupid Iron Bowl football trophy presentation at halftime.  It may not have had anything to do with this, but blatantly showing off how much of a "football school" we are while hosting recruits that are also being courted by the likes of Kansas simply cannot be a good thing.

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