Monday, May 16, 2016

Returning players

I figured I'd put it on paper (innernets) what we have coming back of note.
Note- I make no assumptions about how good or not good the "newbies" will be this season.

Shannon Hale
Dazon Ingram
Riley Norris
Jimmie Taylor
Donta Hall
Brandon Austin

We have 39 PPG to replace (Obasohan, Edwards, Coleman). I suspect Hale will make the jump close to Obasohan's #s so we really need to fill what Edwards and Coleman gave us offensively.

My early guess on what the scoring/rebounding will look like:
Hale- 14/2
Ingram- 9/4
Norris- 11/5.5
Taylor- 10/7
Hall- 5/7

That's 49 from the core... and I could be higher on some than others here.

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