Tuesday, May 24, 2016

SEC/Big 12 Challenge Matchups [Updated]

CBS Sports is reporting that sources have told them the matchups for the SEC/Big 12 Challenge are in place. Alabama is out of the event for the third straight season. It struck me as strange, but Travis Reier of 247 Sports mentioned in a post he wrote this morning that a two-year cycle was implemented last season so that all participating teams would receive home and road games. That would explain why the same four teams - Alabama, Missouri, South Carolina and Mississippi State - were left out of the event.

Anyway, here are the matchups. The Big 12 has routinely kicked the SEC's tail in this event, and will be the heavy favorite to do so again.

Texas at Georgia
Baylor at Ole Miss
Kansas at Kentucky
Texas A&M at West Virginia
Iowa State at Vanderbilt
Kansas State at Tennessee
Florida at Oklahoma
Auburn at TCU
Arkansas at Oklahoma State
LSU at Texas Tech

Edit- (bobbyjack) From CBS Sports

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