Friday, December 02, 2016

Sleeping with the Enemy, Texas Longhorns

I reached out to Cody Daniel at Burnt Orange Nation to give us the Texas perspective on tonight's game.  He graciously provided us with the response below.  If you visit Burn Orange Nation, please follow their site rules and be a good representative of the University of Alabama.

From a sheer talent standpoint, Texas is the kind of team that can compete and beat anyone outside of college basketball's bluebloods on any given night. But talent alone doesn't win basketball games, evident in Texas' three-game losing streak to borderline NCAA Tournament competition. The concerns that Texas entered the season with are proving true, as the lack of a point guard and interior talent and depth has been highlighted as of late. Though there's capable shooters on the roster, the team-wide efficiency has been horrible, ranking 341st of 351 teams at 26 percent. 

In short, this team has the potential to be good, but that's a reality that may not happen until it's too late for Texas. I think Texas matches up well considering Alabama isn't the most imposing group on the glass and isn't quite as experienced as the teams Texas has recently lost to. To be honest, I'm not quite sure this Bama team is much better than Texas at this point. The losses to Dayton and Valpo certainly aren't what one may consider bad losses, but just like Texas, the wins have been against underwhelming competition and it's hard to judge a record when that's the case. 

I think Texas gets back on track with a narrow victory after winning the rebounding battle and finally seeing some perimeter shots fall. 

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