Friday, March 03, 2017

Looking ahead to the SEC tournament

Here is a great article explaining all of the different scenarios going into the final weekend for seeding at the tournament next week.  Basically, the Tennessee game is mostly meaningless for us, as we will be the 5 seed regardless. It's still worthwhile for us to win though, as it could impact our NIT seeding.  I'm of the position that our only hope at an NCAA tournament bid is to win the conference championship in Nashville next weekend, but hypothetically if we beat Tennessee and made a run to the championship game including wins over Arkansas and Kentucky in the process, we would have a mid 50's RPI and several good wins away from home on the resume.  Things would be interesting, at least.

As the 5 seed, our first game will be Thursday against the winner of Mississippi State (12 seed) and most likely LSU (13 seed, although it could be Mizzou if they beat auburn and LSU loses to State tomorrow).  As much as I would love for Mizzou or LSU  come through this, we're probably looking at our 3rd game against $tate.  We've already beat them twice, but they can be a tough out and it's not easy to beat a team 3 times in a season.

If we survive that,we would play Friday afternoon against the 4 seed, which will most likely be Arkansas.  It could possibly be South Carolina if they lose to Ole Miss and Arkansas beats Georgia.  Honestly, I think we match up better with South Carolina, even though Arkansas has struggled a bit away from home.  Unfortunately, we're on the same side of the bracket as Kentucky and their game would be first in our session, so expect to pay a premium for tickets if we make it to Friday.

If we could get through all of that, in Saturday's semifinal we would play the winner of Kentucky versus the winner of the 8 vs 9 seed game which could be any combination of Vandy, Texas A&M, Ole Miss, or UGA.  My hope would be for Vandy or UGA, as I think they have the best possible matchups for upsetting Kentucky and not being a terrible matchup against us.

Let the Madness begin!

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