Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Coaching changes tally- 2017

The annual coaching moves... who's fired, who quit, and who replaced the fired and the quit.

I like the moves at Illinois, NC State, and Georgetown for entirely different reasons. I dislike the Oklahoma St and LSU picks.

Illinois seems to have changed course and actually want to compete again in college sports. They stole Underwood from Okie St in a surprising move as I believe Underwood can be a gamechanger.

I was iffy on NC State letting go of Gottfried after 6 seasons, but replacing him with Keatts IMO is an upgrade of huge proportions. Gottfried was showing the decline that we saw here after 5 straight NCAAT trips, but if you look at NC State's last 20 years it was kind of a head-scratcher to let him go after 2 bad years. Still, they pulled the trigger and got a better in game coach in Keatts. If Keatts can survive his first 4 years (and actually make some waves) he could take the program to the next level with Coach K and Roy Williams getting up there in years.

Georgetown... they had to rid themselves of JTIII as they have been mediocre for the past 10 years. Hiring Patrick Ewing is a huge risk, but it is a splash hire in the fact it brings name recognition and press to Georgetown. As an old school Big East fan I am enjoying the fact that Chris Mullin and Patrick Ewing get to square off again as coaches. I hope both of them succeed.

Okie St went on the cheap with Underwood and it cost them. Now they are hoping they got another bargain basement hire in Boynton.

LSU... Johnny Jones obviously had to go and should have been canned 2 years ago, but Will Wade screams 'complacent hire' to me. In a conference where there are a lot of "name coaches" Wade is probably going to be left in the dust. Maybe LSU has given up on hoops.

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