Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Strictly info- first 2 year records of coaches at Alabama

Overall record/SEC record

Anthony Grant:
- 17-15/6/10
- 25-12/12-4

Mark Gottfried:
- 17-15/6-10
- 13-16/6-10

David Hobbs:
- 16-13/7-9
- 20-10/12-4

Avery Johnson:
- 18-15/8-10
- 19-15/10-8

Some notes:
- Anthony Grant's 2nd year is what I consider to be his peak. Yes, we made the NCAAT his third year, but any sane Bama basketball fan will concede his 2nd year was his best team
- Mark Gottfried picked it up his 3rd year and peaked his 4th. It was year 6 of the improbable Elite 8 run, but IMO year 4 was his best team.
- David Hobbs... well he had Antonio McDyess up to year 2 and started descending in year 4. Usually, year 4 should be close to the peak (having a full roster of the coach's players).

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