Sunday, October 29, 2017

Alabama Downs Baylor In Secret Scrimmage

This past Saturday in Atlanta, Alabama played Baylor in a secret scrimmage at the Phillips Arena practice floor. Alabama won the scrimmage, 75-67. Collin Sexton led all scorers with 15, Herb Jones added 12, while Braxton and Dazon scored 10.

The university did not release a box score, but they did add in a press release that our guys outscored Baylor 42-24 over the final 20 minutes. Bama shot 53% from the floor (16/30) and 41% from 3 (5/12).

Quick thoughts: These scrimmages don't mean much in the grand scheme of things; my understanding is that Baylor only had seven available scholarship players. But it's nice to see that our guys were able to win the scrimmage against an established program, and that it was a combination of young guys and veterans that led the way.

Herb Jones playing well is a big positive; he appears to be far ahead of schedule so far. In the summer I wasn't sure if he would play a big role this season, but he looks like he may be the first or second guy off the bench (my assumption is the starting line-up will be Collin, Dazon, John, Braxton and Donta).

We're eight days from the exhibition vs Alabama-Huntsville, and twelve days from the opener vs Memphis.

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