Sunday, March 11, 2018

Final Bracketology posts and guess seed/opponent in comments

ESPN has us as a 9 in the deadly UVA bracket. I don't want any part of that as if we escaped Creighton we'd probably score 28 against the Wahoos.
CBS put us in a better first round matchup as a 10 seed, but looming is UNC. Again... not a pretty sight.
The Big Lead has us as the last 9 seed
NBC has what I like to think is the most "favorable" projection as a 9 seed with a matchup with Xavier if we escape VA Tech.
Bracketville also has us in the UVA bracket.

Before I make a guess on what seed we'll get and first round opponent, it is nice to finally be talking about the NCAA Tournament instead of wishing for it. While I still say the season overall has been a disappointment, getting to the Dance is a big step in the program's direction despite the lower than expected results IMO.

So... I'm going to say we are a 10 seed facing Seton Hall in Charlotte.
For giggles I'm going to predict Auburn as a 4 in San Diego facing Charleston.

If I am correct, the last time Alabama AND Auburn made the tournament in the same year was 2003... and previous to that it was 1987. That is insane!

As a side note I want both to do well for the greater good of hoops in the state.

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