Tuesday, August 28, 2018

WAAAAY too early schedule prediction... and commentary

Nov. 6 SOUTHERN- Should be a MAULING- W
Nov. 15 vs. Northeastern ESPNU Charleston, S.C. 1 p.m.- They're not even purple Vandy- W
Nov. 16 vs. Virginia Tech/Ball State Charleston, S.C.- last time VA Tech beat us Dubose was the coach- W

Nov. 18 vs. TBA Charleston, S.C.- I don't like the matchup with TBA here... 2nd place in Charleston- L
Nov. 26 MURRAY STATE- Mark Gottfried is NOT coaching through that door! W
Nov. 29 at UCF- I had a quick thought about attending UCF in 91... then it went away. Can't lose to a commuter school- W
Dec. 4 GEORGIA STATE- Panthers are not ready for this- W
Dec. 9 ARIZONA- catching Zona on a semi-rebuild. Early enough in the season TO SHOCK THE WORLD- W
Dec. 18 vs. Liberty Huntsville, Ala.- hopefully they have (Mutual) insurance- W
Dec. 21 PENN STATE- there's a Sandusky joke somewhere, but I'll avoid it and say... Whoop ASS! W
Dec. 30 at Stephen F. Austin TBA Nacogdochces, Texas- someone SFA must have unflattering pics of a decision maker in our AD. I couldn't find this place on the map if you gave me just a quadrant of the state to pick from. L
Jan. 5 KENTUCKY- I have a dream... we can finally beat Kentucky. Maybe next year. L
Jan. 8 at LSU- much improved Tigers... and coming off UK, not feeling it- L
Jan. 12 TEXAS A&M- can't lose 3 in a row to start conference play- W
Jan. 16 at Missouri- I'm curious to see if they are better without that guy that played like 3 games for them and then had a NBA team give him MILLIONS based on potential- W
Jan. 19 at Tennessee- they're not beating us in football again, so they better take their wins when they can- L
Jan. 22 OLE MISS- I know nothing about them, but they shouldn't have a shot, right? W
Jan. 26 at Baylor Waco, TX- 2nd of 3 trips to nowhere TX- the bus ride from DFW will wear them out- L
Jan. 29 MISSISSIPPI STATE- dangerous game... I think this is the surprise team of the SEC- L
Feb. 2 at Auburn- Bruce Pearl comes to terms that he's got to get out of there- L
Feb. 6 GEORGIA- fired IU coaches never succeed elsewhere- W
Feb. 9 at Vanderbilt- we never win there. L
Feb. 12 at Mississippi State- $tate $weep- L
Feb. 16 FLORIDA- got to win a big conference game somewhere- W
Feb. 19 at Texas A&M- 3rd trip to nowhere TX. Toss up, but I'll say L
Feb. 23 VANDERBILT- revenge for getting screwed over in the previous game. W
Feb. 26 at South Carolina- Frank Martin knows his Final Four run was a fluke and SC Lite is what it is- W
March 2 LSU- depends where LSU is in the SEC. I say middle of the pack so W
March 5 AUBURN- split da Barn.. and Pearl goes job hunting- W
March 9 at Arkansas- I don't think the Hogs will be any good, but we seem to have problems there- L

19-12 overall with 9-9 conference record. Should be a #7-9 NCAAT seed if I'm on the mark.

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