Saturday, October 06, 2018

Allegations Surface That Collin Sexton And Family Received Improper Benefits

I am continuing the season previews this weekend. But before we get to the fun stuff I wanted to post something about the recent allegations regarding payments provided to Collin Sexton and his family by a former runner named Christian Dawkins. These allegations surfaced this past week during the federal trial that is currently taking place in the wake of the FBI investigation into college basketball corruption.

In short:

So far nothing has surfaced that shows the Alabama coaching staff knew of this arrangement, assuming it took place to begin with. Obviously, if something were to surface that proved the coaching staff knew of these alleged cash payments, well things would get mighty interesting. All we can do is wait this out and see what develops.

For what it's worth: Alabama was just one of many programs that were mentioned in the trial this week. It could get a lot worse before it  gets better. For those of us who have grown up as fans of college basketball, when the smoke clears on this investigation and trial, the sport as we've known it may be irrevocably changed.

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