Monday, November 19, 2018

Charleston Classic wrap up... 2-1, but not the way most envisioned.

I won't go into the games themselves as DJC did a stellar job of reviewing that so I'm going to take a 50,000 foot view of the weekend.

We ended up 2-1... which is probably what most realistic fans expected, but not exactly how it was planned. I suspect most of us expected either a semi-finals or a finals loss not an opening round thrashing. Still, the team recovered to play (mostly) its best basketball of the season in the last 2 games. Reminds me of the debacle in Maui years back when Oregon thrashed us (and went on to go 0-16 or 18 in conference play) only to come back and win the final 2 (St Joe's and Chaminade). In the end we'll remember the bad loss and not the final 2 games. I was at the Oregon game, but decided the beaches of Maui were more important than the other 2 games.

Still, it's a good recovery as we could've tanked (Paradise Jam 2010) and have our NCAAT dreams dashed early (I still believe that was Anthony Grant's best team at Bama).

- Kira has amazed us all so far and I think I speak for all Bama fans in saying I can't wait to see what he is come January.
- Worried (again) about Donta as he gets disinterested if the ball doesn't flow through him.
- Mack... lots more energy the last 2 games. Hopefully with a set rotation he finds his groove and meshes.
- 34% from 3 so far... not sure if that # ticks up much during the year despite the 9-19 day against Wichita State.. IMO that is an anomaly and not what we should expect.  We were 32.6 last year so I guess that is improvement, but not really. While I know the game is now played from the outside in, we have to at least make a real attempt to establish the post. We have the players (bodies) to do so.
- As others said... last 2 games there seemed to be a better rotation flow.

I'd like to be 7-1 heading to the Arizona game, but with UCF winning the Myrtle Beach Classic and it being a true road game (which I will be in attendance for) I'm not going to go homer yet. Arizona is about to run through the Maui Invitational with 3 ranked teams so they'll be battle tested by the time they come to Tuscaloosa 12/9.

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