Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Let's Talk About Transfers

Transfers have become the new normal in college athletics. If a coaching staff isn't preparing for it each season, they're not doing their jobs. It's even more likely when there's been a coaching change. Greg Byrne mentioned in his press conference that they have asked the current players, recruits and their families to be patient as they search for the next coach. Unfortunately, a couple of players have began exploring other options immediately.

Dazon Ingram has made it official that he will play his graduate year at another school. This has actually been rumored for a week or so. Dazon has received a fair share of crap from fans over the years, but he made a commitment to Alabama, played through a litany of injuries, and was, by all accounts, a solid citizen. He was also a solid basketball player when he was at his best. A guy that could give you double figure points, grab rebounds, assists, and was a solid defender. I got no beef with Dazon, and I wish him nothing but the best. Rumors are he will stay close to home (South Alabama, UAB, etc), but he's also had some top flight programs like Nevada and Gonzaga reach out to him, per reports.

The bigger news on the transfer front is that Kira Lewis has entered the "transfer portal" and is weighing his options ahead of the Alabama coaching search. This doesn't mean Kira is for sure gone - entering the portal just means he can be contacted by other coaches - but I do think it puts more pressure on Greg Byrne to try and wrap this coaching hire up sooner rather than later. In my opinion, Kira would be the best returning player for next season so the next coach needs to make retaining him a priority. I would assume more transfers are possible, if not likely. The hope here is the remaining players will wait to see what happens with this coaching search.  

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