Sunday, March 10, 2019

Razorbacks Smack Bama, Arkansas 82 Alabama 70

Alabama concluded the regular season with a 12 point loss on the road to Arkansas to finish 17-14 (8-10), good for a 10th place finish in the SEC.  At least we aren't playing Wednesday I guess.

I watched this game at a bar in Louisville while, pre-gaming for a Metallica concert while visiting a college friend that I haven't seen in years, so frankly I didn't pay that close attention to it.

What I did notice was more of the same piss poor free throw shooting, bone headed turnovers, and inability to defend the rim, and nonsensical substitution patterns.  Gafford destroyed us with 29 points and 16 rebounds. 

Can anyone explain to me why Galen Smith was on the court for 23 minutes?   It seemed like we had 2 centers on the court for most of the game. Or AJ for 13.  Alex also played 21 minutes after sitting on the bench for weeks. 

T-Mack played well with 14 points, and Kira was also in double digits with 12.  We turned it over 15 times to their 8.  They scored 19 points off of our turnovers, we got 6 from theirs.  That's pretty much the difference in the game.

Sorry for the short recap, but like I said, I didn't watch this game very intently and frankly I'm just ready for this season to be over with.

Up next, the SEC tournament in Nashville.  We will play Ole Miss Thursday night, and as mandated by law if we somehow miraculously win that game Kentucky awaits in the second round.  The game will be on the SEC network.

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