Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Your rooting interest for the slim hopes of a NCAAT bid

Going to just cover the major conferences here. Root against:
- Ohio State (vs fellow bubble Indiana)
- Clemson (vs sort of bubble NC State)
- Big East tourney:
    - St John's 1st round loss (I can't root for that, but it would help a lot)
    - Creighton and Georgetown (Quarterfinals)
    - Root against any seed lower than 3
- Big 12 tourney:
    - 1st round TCU (who were dead, but got life again). Go Pokes!
    - Texas. We need KU to blow them out
- PAC-12 tourney... root against EVERYONE not named Washington or Arizona St
- SEC tournament:
    - Florida (vs Arkansas)
- AAC tourney: Temple and against all minus UCF, Houston, and Cincy
- MWC tourney: Utah State

Above all else we need to win at least 1 and more than likely 2 to get on the right side of the bubble.

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