Thursday, May 30, 2019

2019-20 Schedule News: 2020 Conference Opponents Announced

Hi. It seems like only yesterday that I wrote about Bama Hoops. Wait, it was yesterday. Huh. Well, it's wonderful to see you again just the same.

SEC coaches are currently in Destin, FL for the conference summer meetings. In recent years the conference has taken the opportunity to release the conference basketball opponents for each school, and they were kind enough to do so again.


Alabama will play home-and-homes with Auburn, LSU, Mississippi State, Missouri and Vanderbilt. Auburn, LSU and Mississippi State all made the NCAA Tournament last season, and will likely be projected to return to the tournament in 19-20. I remain confused what the schedule rotation process is because Alabama played a home-and-home with Vandy just last season and will do so again. I thought the purpose of rotating two home-and-home opponents was to create a different matchup each season. Whatever.

Conference home games for Alabama: Arkansas, South Carolina, Tennessee and Texas A&M.

Road games for Alabama: Florida, Georgia, Kentucky and Ole Miss.

The league has been on an upswing the last few years, and it doesn't appear to be slowing down anytime soon. Once again, the conference should be in contention for 7-8 bids.

Nate Oats mentioned in a short meeting with the press that there are three slots open on the 19-20 schedule, and they hope to have those filled in the next few weeks. Assuming there are no hiccups, we should see the non-conference schedule released sometime in June.

Here's what we know about the non-conference schedule so far:

Home game vs Stephen F. Austin

Road games at Penn State and Rhode Island

The Battle 4 Atlantis in the Bahamas. Other teams in the event: North Carolina, Gonzaga, Michigan, Oregon, Seton Hall, Iowa State and Southern Miss. 

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