Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Non-Conference schedule released

Most of these we already knew

Nov. 5 vs. Penn
Nov. 11 vs. Florida Atlantic
Nov. 15 @Rhode Island
Nov. 19 vs. Furman
Nov. 27 vs North Carolina (Battle for Atlantis)
Nov. 28 vs. Michigan/Iowa State (Battle for Atlantis)
Nov. 29 vs TBA (Gonzaga, Southern Miss, Seton Hall, or Oregon) (Battle for Atlantis)
Dec. 6 vs. Stephen F. Austin
December 14 @ Penn State
December 18 @ Samford (BJCC in Birmingham)
December 21 vs. Belmont (Huntsville, AL)
December 29 vs. Richmond
January 25 vs. Kansas State

A few thoughts:  It's a good thing we have the excitement of a new coach to bring in the fans, because that home schedule is atrocious.  It's interesting that Samford is listed as an "away" game.  In previous years the Birmingham game has been a home game.  I assume this means that it will count as a road game for NET purposes, but it will not be included in the season ticket package.