Monday, September 16, 2019

Predicting the season- game by game

Penn- We can't lose at home to a bunch of nerds! W
FAU- Lane Kiffin isn't walking through that door! W
@ Rhode Island- you don't travel to nowhere RI and expect to come out the victor! L

Furman- Can't lose to one of OJ's adversaries. W
UNC- Just hope we can keep it within 25. L
Michigan (because I think ISU wins)- Bielein left them for the Cavs. We leave them with a L. W
TBA- I hate this match-up... TBA has a high/low game and is streaky from the corners! L
Stephen F Austin- We beat them in their HS gym... we should beat them in ours! W
@ Penn State- There's a Sandusky joke to relate, but I'll just say. L
@ Samford- in Bham and it's gonna sound like a road game out there! W
Belmont- In Huntsville where we NEVER lose. W
Richmond- Elephants are skeered of spiders, but we squish them like the bug that they are!

Non-conference (minus KState) record: 8-4

@ UF- Gator bait. L
vs $tate- they swept us last year... they'll sweep us this year as well. L
@ UK- Thankfully this game is early enough to drink heavily, pass out, wake up and still have a productive day. L
Auburn- We got to win one of these 4 right? nope L
Mizzou- Can we kick them out of the SEC or trade them to the B1G for Iowa or Maryland? W
@Vandy- We never win there (other than last year), but I suspect Stackhouse pulls the upset. L
Kansas St- Should market this game as vs Kansas State. W
@ LSU- Wade just made a STRONG ASS OFFER. L
Arkansas- Can we send them back to the SWC? They bring nothing to the conference. W
UTK- They're not gonna beat us in FB so they better embrace the hoops. Still... upset W.
@ UGA- It takes Crean 5 years to be competitive... but they'll win this one. L
@ Auburn- Only way we win is if Pearl is fRanning his way out of Auburn. L
LSU- everything says bad match-up, but gut feeling. W
aTM-  Buzz will take his beatings this season and pay back in spades going forward. W
@ Black Bears- zero thought on this match-up... when in doubt take the home team. L
@ $tate- $tate sweep. Just think we could've had him 6 years ago. L
SC Lite- Frank Martin is kicking himself for not using the Final 4 to bolt a dead end job. W
Vandy- Stackhouse suits up, drops a triple-double, but... W
@ Mizzou- this school is a succubus on the SEC. KICK THEM OUT! W

SEC record: 8-10
KState: 1-0
Non-Conference: 8-4

17-14... NIT bubble watch.

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