Thursday, April 23, 2020

Buy or sell- SEC edition

I dabble in the stock market so I figured why not bring some of that lingo to all 14 SEC teams. I am going to rate them from Sell, Underperform, Hold, Overperform, and Buy going into next season... and give reasons why.

Alabama- Hold
  Mediocre describes the program. I don't see a trend either way yet.

Arkansas- Hold
  Like Alabama they are good enough to ride the soft middle of the SEC.
Auburn- Overperform
  If you bought this stock 5 years ago you'd probably be retiring right now.
Florida- Underperform
  NCAATs, but the bar was set higher and the program seems to be falling to the middle.
Georgia- Underperform
  Crean will get them to the NCAAT eventually... but it will be a slow process.
Kentucky- Overperform
  Only because they haven't been to a Final Four in a few years and next year won't be different.
L$U- Buy
  If Wade can buy so can I. Best they have been since Dale Brown.
Missouri- Sell
  Good coach, but landscape has changed and Mizzou is not regarded as high as they used to be.
Miss St- Overperform
  They are one good SECT/NCAAT run from a BUY.
Ole Miss- Overperform
  Kermit is the real deal. That program should be near the bottom of the SEC.
South Carolina- Sell
  That Final 4 was a fluke and I doubt they see a NCAAT anytime soon again.
Tennessee- Overperform
  They suck at all other sports now so this is their cash cow.
Texas A&M- Buy
  Billy Kennedy was good... Buzz Williams will make them great.
Vanderbilt- Buy
  Jerry Stackhouse has star power and will get them to respectable. Besides, their stock is low.

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