Thursday, April 16, 2020

Last 10 (this one is 11) years continued- SEC conference records by team

As we enjoy being confined to our living quarters for the most part until the end of April or later... here's some more stats you can use to make arguments with:

2009-10 through 2019-20 conference records:

Alabama 96-96 (model of mediocrity... five 8 win years out of last 6)
Arkansas 99-93 (a touch over mediocre... not what the SEC signed up for)
Auburn 76-116 (36 wins last 3 seasons... at least 10 losses every season before that)
Florida 126-66 (1 losing season)
Georgia 84-108 (I thought they would be worse)
Kentucky 151-41 (never worse than 10 wins)
LSU 90-102 (Wade's strong A@$ offer has 36 wins last 3 years)
Mi$$ $t 76-116 (Rick Ray was truly AUful)
Missouri 50-94 (Like Arkansas, we made them into football schools and they lost their way)
Ole Miss 97-95 (Be honest... you didn't think they were even close to .500)
South Carolina 79-113 (Four 10+ win seasons the past 5 years)
Tennessee 109-83 (would you have guessed them being 3rd best?)
Texas A&M 72-72 (They might be a better hoops school than fb one in the SEC)
Vanderbilt 85-107 (remind me again why we couldn't beat them in Nashville in like forever?)

Note- aTm and Mizzou joined the SEC for the 2012-2013 season

Sort these out best to worst:



Ole Miss
Texas A&M


South Carolina
Mi$$ $t

(I spaced them on purpose... serious gaps in league records)
There is a nice garbage bottom... that Kentucky and Florida FEASTED off of.

SEC Tournament Champs:

6 Kentucky
1 Auburn
1 Ole Miss
1 Vanderbilt
1 Florida

Seems like Kentucky won it every year.

Hope you enjoyed this stats look back... and if I goofed on a team record it was my error as I was manually adding up the numbers.

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