Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Updates- Kira still leaving, transfer destinations, etc.

Kira Lewis has decided to stick in the NBA Draft and is hiring an agent. Most project mid to late 1st round. Good luck.
John Petty is still eligible to return, but I doubt he will as he can get paid overseas.
Here is a link to a list of early entries across college basketball.

From Al.com... Guard Jaylen Forbes and forward Raymond Hawkins both committed to new schools Wednesday, with Forbes committing to Tulane and Hawkins committing to Long Beach State.

Looks like we got that home and home we have been DYING for... YALE! Road trip there first then Tuscaloosa in 2021. I use to live near New Haven many moons ago... a fun town for a weekend and not too far from Boston. Also real close to 2 large casinos.

Maui Invitational... ... still listed as active. The gym holds like 800... I suspect this will push through for a few reasons:

1) Hawaii depends on tourism... and I suspect by June it'll be opened up. By November I expect it to be bidness as usual. My plan is to attend... or at least use this as a good excuse to visit Hawaii again.

2) Sports revenue... sort of like above where money needs to be generated either through TV contracts, ticket sales, etc. Right now if the PBA opened up first and sold live Bowling all the networks would bid for the rights as they are so live content deprived.

Rumblings of a basketball event in the ATL in December (the 12th is the rumored date) with Bama. Still trying to get more info on that. I don't do twitter, but there is something from John Rothstein on this.

Finally... some of you might have noticed the "lock" in the url of this website. After some tinkering I set up https for this little slice of the innernets!

What does this mean to you? Probably not much as there were no transactions going across this site before.

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