Tuesday, December 01, 2020

Bama barraged by bad bounces. Stanford crushes 82-64

I suck at alliteration so that is the best I can do.
Anyways... we were competitive for 15 minutes then the wheels fell off and the better team won handily.
I thought the offense played too much one on one ball and when you suck at 3s (like we have so far this year) you are in a world of crap.

The only positive I can find is we caused 22 turnovers. Didn't do much with them, but got to find something positive.
Next up... UNLV.

Funny thing... in 2009 we played Oregon in Maui and got blown out. 11 years later another PAC-12 team does the same thing.
Maybe we squeeze out 2 non-factor wins like we did in 2009... 

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