Saturday, December 26, 2020

Predicting the SEC schedule

This team can go anywhere from 12-6 to 6-12.. so I'm going to predict 9-9 based on what I have seen so far this year.
The Oklahoma game sandwiched in between... also a L.
Would need some sort of run in the SECT (assuming that goes as planned) to make the NCAAT.
Dec 29 Ole Miss- W
Jan 2 @Tennessee- L
Jan 5 Florida- L
Jan 9 @Auburn- L
Jan 12 @Kentucky- L
Jan 16 Arkansas- L
Jan 19 @LSU- W
Jan 23 Mississippi State- W
Jan 26 Kentucky- W
Feb 3 LSU- W
Feb 6 @Missouri- L
Feb 9 @South Carolina- W
Feb 13 Georgia- W
Feb 17 @Texas A&M- L
Feb 20 Vanderbilt- W
Feb 24 @Arkansas- L
Feb 27 @Mississippi State- L
Mar 2 Auburn- W

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