Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Quinerly unstoppable... Bama blows out Black Bears 82-64

Box score

Last night defense was the key... Ole Miss hit 1 three (out of 13) and overall hit just over a third of their total shots. Never gonna win shooting like that. We did not fare much better (43/32%), but in comparison we were Steph Curry.

What impressed me the most last night was Q getting to the basket. I believe that opened up a lot of our offense. Despite a not so good shooting night, the defense kept us comfortably ahead throughout the 2nd half. Ole Miss I don't believe ever made a serious run at us (getting within 2 scores).

This is the type of game we need to play more of (minus the overabundance of bad three ball shooting) if we are to be a serious contender in the SEC. Time will tell if this game was an abomination or what we should expect going forward.

We have a really tough next 6 games coming up. Going 2-4 in those IMO would be a victory.

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