Sunday, December 20, 2020

Toppers top Tide 73-71... and it's time to panic

Box score

I am not going to get into what I think is wrong with the team as that might become a manifesto so I'll point out some stats that make you scratch your head:

WKU- 3/11 from 3, 17 TOs, +3 rebounds

Above sounds like we should have won comfortably except...

Bama- 7/26 from 3, 19 TOs, 22/56 FG

For the season here is a sample of why I scratch my head at our approach to the game:

3PT FG- 61/208
FG- 181/445

Take those #s... and subtract our 3PT shooting and you're at 50%
Oats is supposedly an analytics guy so looking at that you would think shooting FEWER 3s might be something to look at.

This team dies by the 3... not lives and dies, but DIES by the 3.
If I told you only Herbert Jones and Joshua Primo shoots better than 33% from beyond the arc does that make you rethink the fascination of shooting 3s altogether?

Next up... the fighting Kenny Chesneys of East Tennessee State 12/22 @ 6:30PM CST

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