Monday, January 11, 2021

Alabama ranked for the 1st time during conference play in a long, long time


Note- we have been ranked a few times in the first half of the season (Dec 2011, Nov 2017), but other than that we have been MIA from the top 25... until this week.

Last time we were ranked during SEC play was the week of Feb 19, 2007... so unless I am missing something that is almost 14 years since we were part of the top 25 in the second half of the season.

At Kentucky this week is going to be a slugfest as the Wildcats seem to have come together as a team. Did I mention this game is for solo possession of 1st place? WOW!

Got to give credit to Nate Oats... in year 2 we are ahead of schedule. Let's hope what we have seen the past 3 weeks is indicative of the rest of the season.

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