Saturday, January 09, 2021

Bama burns the barn... 94-90 for 4-0 start

Box score

A win is a win... especially a road one at the Barn. 

Bruner and Herb played great with 20 and 19 points each (Primo had 22, but waaaay too many bad non-threes for my liking). I say both of them set the pace for the game.

Shack and Primo did not shoot the ball well, but contributed in other ways (driving to the basket, opening up the outside, rebounding) to guide this team to victory even with BAD Petty showing up today (we usually lose when that version shows up)

IMO too many 3s were taken today, but LET'S GIVE A SHOUTOUT FOR OUTSTANDING FT SHOOTING!

Defensively... you normally can't say GREAT D when you surrender 90 points, but we did hold them to under 30% from beyond the arc.

4-0 in the SEC... right now we are in the play-in game according to Lunardi (and others) and as the Jeffersons said in their theme song... WE'RE A MOVIN' ON UP!

This song may be relevant right now... for NCAA hopes:

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