Sunday, January 24, 2021

$tate's best was not enough- Bama 81-73

Box Score

As commenters said in Double Ts preview, this was a great win considering $tate played well, we were not on fire, and still won comfortably. While it has been fun beating the tar out of the previous 7 opponents (ok, Auburn was a close one) havig these type of grind it out games is good preparation for the tournament.

Five guys with double digit scoring, Herb and Jaden being the stars of the game, again with the GREAT 2nd half defense (35.5% for $tate), and overall a game we won without too much sweating. We all know in years past this is one we would have lost.

The fun is in the winning... and MAN ARE WE HAVING FUN! I hope the NCAAT in Indy allows for fans, but I have read more than likely it will be kept to friends and family. Bummer as if this team advances to a Final Four I might have to fake being a long lost 3rd cousin of Pettway (or something) to get in.

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