Wednesday, January 20, 2021

TOTAL ANNIHILATION! Beatdown in Baton Rouge... Bama 105-75

Box score

Negatives- we got loose with the ball the final 8 minutes and allowed LSU to trim the lead to 28 near the end.

Outside of that... that first half was THE BEST first half of hoops I ever watched as a Bama fan. I am dating myself back to 1989. Right out of the gate we hit our first 6 3s and the game was over. Literally we were up double digits 3 minutes in and never looked back.

As the 3s flew and swished you can see LSU's confidence falter. Petty dropping daggers early set the pace.

We can rave about the offensive output, but I really want to talk about what we did on defense. Look at the stats... LSU shot 37.8% for the night. Even without us setting a SEC record for made 3s this game still would have been a blowout.

20 of the 23 3s made were by Petty (8), Primo (6), and Quinerly (6).

I can't say enough about the transformation of this team. Something clicked after the WKU loss as we have looked like a legitimate Final 4 team since then. It is a shame more fans cannot see this team live due to the ronas.

Folks, we are not just 7-0 in conference play. We are 7-0 beating teams in conference like Nick Saban does on the football field. The only close game we've had was @ Auburn. 

As a fan of this cartoon in my youth... this seems relevant:

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