Tuesday, January 05, 2021

Who is this team? Bama beats down Gators 86-71

Box score

I did a lot more watching and less notetaking so here is what I thought were the keys to victory:

- Shack and Herb getting to the basket almost at will (marked change from my complaints 3 weeks ago)
- Only 20 3s taken (and made 8)
- DEFENSE! 40% Opposing FG, 6 blocks, 10 steals

The 2nd half was a beatdown... Gators at no point threatened us after the 15 minute mark. We probably could have won by 25, but who cares... WE WON!

I don't think even the most RAH RAH Bama fan could have predicted a 3-0 start to the conference schedule with the caliber of teams we have played. I said we'd be lucky to go 2-4 in our first 6... as the kids say... totes wrong (or something like that).

RIGHT NOW, we are a scary matchup for EVERY SEC team. Smothering D, shooting the ball better, driving to the basket... credit Coach Oats for whatever adjustments were made after the WKU game. This is not remotely the same team.

I'll take some credit as well as I pointed out we needed to shoot fewer 3s and get the ball to the basket more... :)

Next up, @ Auburn... where all of a sudden this is a 50/50 game.

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